Lockpicking is an important basic skill in the field of non-destructive opening. With relatively simple tools, it’s possible to open complicated locks without any damage.

Given a bit of practice, results can be attained quite quickly. However, even experienced lockpickers can quickly be repelled by certain security measures that hinder picking. With us, you’ll be taught techniques to correct these measures and open the lock.

High-speed lockpicking

In some cases, lockpicking can be an incredibly fast way to open cylinder locks. Thereby, lockpicking is part of our training-module ‘lightning-quick opening’

Advanced lockpicking

Our courses are assembled according to the client’s wishes. The lockpicking module can be expanded with the opening of more advanced locks. Such cylinders and their keys often seem complex, but with the right tools and skills they can be opened all the same.

Disc locks / padlocks

There is a large number of padlocks that utilize discs as a locking mechanism. The shape and diameter of these discs differ from lock to lock, and really, each type needs its own pick tool. However, we offer one specially designed picktool with which a large portion of current disc locks can be picked.

Car locks

The picking of car locks is part of the module ‘vehicle opening’. Generally, car locks can be picked decently well. With the proper equipment, it’s even possible to read the lock’s code and make additional keys on demand.

Safe locks

The opening of safe locks requires knowledge, skill, tenacity and the right equipment. The lesson modules for opening safes are only available to safe technicians.


Proper tools get the job done , especially in lockpicking. We deliver training and tools for lockpicking cylinder locks, padlocks, disc locks, car locks and safe locks. Mail [email protected] or call 020 2602442 for more information.