class on impressioning technique open locks non-destructively


The impressioning technique makes it possible to file a working key to a closed lock and is, therefore, an ideal addition to the arsenal of an advanced lock specialist.


The benefits or this technique are numerous: an opening without damage, no need to remove the lock when servicing (for example, think paint on door locks or airbags in vehicles). You create a fully functional key to both open and close a lock with. The only issue is that it can take relatively long to file a correct key.


The proper equipment is a necessity to successfully apply this technique. A set of high-quality files, key grips and optical tools is included in most our lesson modules. These tools are also available separately for our clients.

Advanced courses

For the impressioning technique, we have a large selection of trainig-modules. This varies from teaching the basics on simple locks to the opening of more advanced locks. An important part of the process is the preparation and creation of key blanks. We offer an assortment of equipment in this area. Mail [email protected] or call 020 2602442 for more information.

Impressioning Championships

Did you know there are organized competitions for opening locks non-destructively? Impressioning is part of these championships. Our instructor Barry Wels has won several international competitions in this discipline, including the world championships in the US. Focussing on a full time career in the professional lock world (since 2012) Barry no longer competes in these championship.