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Intact Locksmithing is our 24/7 service specialized in non-destructively opening the lock to your house, business premises, car or safe.

We’re available 24 hours in the day at 020 2602456. We can help you with lost keys or doors closed behind you, with car issues or safe openings. Reliability is an important factor in the world of locksmithing. We’re transparent in our tariffs and, most importantly, offer you an all-inclusive price so you won’t face any surprising costs. We work on a no-cure no-pay model. This means you only need to pay if the job has been fulfilled successfully. Call 020 2602456 for information or a price assessment.

Reliable with the NSSG and VOG

Dutch ‘Consumers report’, TV-show ‘Opgelicht’ and Omroep Max recommend the Dutch locksmiths’ guild NSSG as the place to find a reliable locksmith. Intact Locksmithing is proud NSSG member. Our lock specialists hold a VOG (statement of conduct) and are certain to be friendly and communicate in English flawlessly. Call +31 20 2602456 for information or a price assessment.

Complaint commission NSSG

Reliability is a theme that’s growing more important within the locksmithing field. To offer clients even more security, the NSSG founded a complaint commission in 2017. The number of complaints filed about all NSSG members combined can still be counted on one hand.

Diverse specializations

Intact Locksmithing is part of Wels Security Solutions. This company provides training for locksmiths and safe technicians. Intact Locksmithing was founded to keep an eyo on the practical side of locksmithing. Solving issues for the client, along with the included time pressure, is the best way to learn. So far, it’s lead tus to lots of satisfied customers and new insights. Our background in training gives us access to diverse techniques and tools to be able to serve the customers needs as good as possible. 

Safe specialist

We offer a specialized service for opening safes. Whether it’s a floor safe, wall safe, hardware store safe, antique safe or heavily certified safe, our services are on offer. We’re available nationwide (or even internationally) for consumers, businesses and government institutions. Call 020 2602456 for information or a price assessment.

Before we start with the safe opening, we seal the safe door in the presence of the owner. We’re purely interested in opening the lock and will never open the door ourselves. It’ll be the client who eventually opens the door. This counts double for safes from inheritances, for example. The seal is only broken when all relevant parties are present.

Safe code or combination lost

Forgot the code, or does the lock no longer want to open? We at Intact Locksmithing apply the so-called ‘manipulation’ method for opening combination locks without damage. This method relies on the lock effectively communicating its code to the safe technician. This calls for ample craftsmanship, but through seeing, feeling and listening it’s often possible to discover the combination. This causes no damage to the safe, of course.

Safe key lost

We make use of high-quality equipment to non-destructively ‘pick’ the safe lock. This equipment is specially made for us by various toolmakers. Each brand and type of safe lock calls for a slightly different tool, and depending on the type of lock it’s even possible to decode a safe lock. Decoding a lock is essentially learning what the key is meant to look like, and producing a fitting key accordingly. Intact Locksmithing applies a number of these decoders for common safe locks in the Netherlands.

Car specialist

We offer a solution for lost car keys or keys ending up in a locked vehicle or trunk. Intact Locksmithing is specialized in the non-destructive opening of modern cars. We have tools and techniques to open Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Porsche, VW, BMW, Nissan, Renault, Citroën, Opel, Honda, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota and Mercedes cars non-destructively. For classic cars and oldtimers we can produce functional keys, even if the originals were lost, with no need to remove the locks.

Other locks

We have a passion for opening anything with a lock on it. We frequently open archive cabinets, suitcases, padlocks and strongboxes of which the keys or combination aren’t readily available. Call 020 2602456 for information or a price assessment.