Forensic investigation

In cases of burglary or theft, it’s not always immediately clear what methods the thieves used. Every security system has its weaknesses and there’s many a technique and tool to make use of it. This process is an endless arms race. Every day, there’s a new flaw discovered and new equipment brought to market. Forensic investigation allows us to distinguish between these tools and methods, and figure out precisely what happened. Every technique or tool leaves its own individual traces, and our years of experience with lock opening has become the key to solving many a dispute.


A dispute between a consumer and their insurance company leads to high amounts of stress. It’s painful when a company that’s been paid premiums for years turns out to be yet another opponent. After an incident, the client is often faced with a small army of experts, some of which keep close ties with the insurance companies. Damage often isn’t compensated and the client even leads the risk of ending up in a fraud registry.

Fortunately, there is the right to counter-expertise. We combine years of experience with locks with tremendous curiosity and drive to solve these issues. This has led to numerous breakthroughs in cases that had run completely dry. We offer a fresh look into your case. The first consult is always free. Mail [email protected] or call 020 2602442 for more information.

Key investigation

Keys conceal many traces and other useful information. Especially in the theft of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, campers, caravans, busses, etc.) investigation of keys plays an important part. This can pertain traces on the mechanical part of the key or the electronics.

Investigation of log files

Most digital locks contain a log file. This file stores data on past use, sometimes hundreds of uses back, including exact times and dates. This information is highly valued. Still, it’s possible for flaws or exploits to lead to not everything to be saved in the logfile.

Finding the truth

We’re no attorneys’ office and, on principle, don’t support fraudulent consumers or insurance companies with shoddy practices. With us, everything revolves around finding the truth. It doesn’t matter whether our client is a consumer, business, insurance company or court, as long as their needs are in pursuit of uncovering the truth.

FIOPS and certification

FIOPS stands for ‘Forensic Institute of Physical Security’. FIOPS is an international organization where specialists can share knowledge and experience. They also organize gatherings, theme days and perform research into new techniques. Once per year, there’s the opportunity to take a certification exam. Wels Security Solutions is FIOPS FX-certified under number FX165.

Study material and training

Forensic experts sometimes have trouble finding manipulated locks to test their skills on. We can deliver manipulated locks as study material for investigators. The attack on each piece is recorded on video and can be shared with the purchase or after an analysis. We also offer training in this field. Mail [email protected] or call 020 2602442 for more information.