Red teaming

In the world of pentests, the red team is responsible for the attack. Often the red team is specialized in attacks on the IT infrastructure and social engineering of staff. However, physical security is becoming more common as a part of serious pentests.

Equipment and knowledge

In the past, it proved difficult for an attacker to find the right knowledge and lock opening equipment. Nowadays, all this is easily found and ordered online. This increases the threat of these attacks. It’s advisable to take this threat into consideration for a serious pentest.

Various methods

There are varying methods for testing physical security. The simplest is to take a tour of the facility along with the responsible party and compile a report of weaknesses and points of improvement. The most realistic way is an actually break in per order of the client. There are several techniques that we can apply in the role of attacker.

Pentest by WSS Red Team

We offer access to world-class specialists in the fields of IT, social engineering, access control, RFID, biometrics, electronic security, alarm systems and locks. The WSS Red Team is ready to test your security in a unique way. Call or mail for more information: 020 2602442 or [email protected]

For whom?

The WSS Red Team is only available to fortune-500 companies, vital infrastructure and government services. We can take a role in TIBER tests and utilize several unique TTP’s. The WSS Red Team can be deployed internationally. Mail [email protected] or call 020 2602442 for more information.

Training red team key specialist

Some fortune-500 companies, critical infrastructure or government services make use of their own red team. We offer classes to increase the skills of these teams. We even offer a specific training to become a red team lock specialist. Mail [email protected] or call 020 2602442 for more information.

Blue Team

In the world of pentests, the blue team is responsible for defense. Often, this leads to IT security becoming the focus while the lock to the server room or director’s office ends up out of focus. There’s an increasing sentiment that forensic investigation into locks is part of any serious incident investigation. We are available to investigate materials or train employees to do so independently.