Class or presentation on forensic traces in locks after burglary

Forensic investigation

Forensic lock and key investigation is a broad discipline. There are many weaknesses in locks that can be exploited by clever and malicious criminals. It takes skill and knowledge to be able to determine is a lock was compromised.

Modules and basis

We also work with training modules in our forensic courses. In the basis, we teach to take apart locks without damaging pre-existing traces or creating new ones. A standard cylinder lock is relatively simple to deconstruct, but with certified locks this can get quite complicated. These are specifically designed using parts that hinder the forceful destruction of the lock, which hinders our efforts all the same. After exposing the relevant elements, we use a stereo microscope to investigate.

Procedures and investigation

A number of procedures has already been followed before a part ends up under the microscope. Visiting the location, taking photographs and sketches, securing the traces and compiling a report. These are all tasks to be fulfilled with care.

Tools and tracks

There are many tools and techniques to open locks, and each one leaves unique patterns of traces on the lock. By the end of the course, students should be capable of individually detecting traces of common opening techniques.

FIOPS and certification

FIOPS is an international organization which, among other things, grants certifications in the field of forensics. Wels Security Solutions is FIOPS FX-certified and registered under FX165. With our courses, we can assist you in attaining the FIOPS FX-certificate. 

Forensic challenge

Customers can test their skills with locks we’ve attacked for them. Every attempt is recorded on video and shared with the client. It’s up to the client whether they wish to see the video before or after their analysis. This is a great learning tool for any forensic expert.

Blue Team

We’re seeing an increasing interest in forensic investigation from the angle of pentesters (red team, blue team and purple team) In incident investigation, there’s often much energy dedicated to the IT side, though physical security is left to the wayside. There’s an increasing awareness of the fact that forensic investigation into locks should be part of any serious incident investigation. We are available to investigate material or train blue team members to do so independently.