class on opening cars and vehicle locks without damage

Vehicle opening

Vehicle opening is a broad subject. On the one hand, there’s the non-destructive emergency opening of vehicle. On the other, there’s the world of transponders, remote controls and board computers. We offer training modules for everything about car opening.

Non-destructive opening

The opening of vehicles is a trade of its own. Over the years, this subject has taken off quite a bit. With the introduction of specialized tools it’s possible to open just about any car type without damage. However, this requires a large amount of knowledge, skill and perseverance, along with the exact tool required for the brand and type of vehicle. With the proper training it is a very reliable method.

Producing keys

Sometimes, opening a car door isn’t enough, and a new key has to be made. The tools allow the lock’s combination to be decoded. With this combination a new and functional key can be produced. In most cases, a transponder is necessary to actually start the vehicle. For classic cars and oldtimers, we apply the standard impression technique to make new keys.

Transponder and board computer

Current-day vehicles contain large amounts of electronics. The electric modules in the vehicle regulate the transponder, immobilizer and alarm. These devices are designed to secure the car and keep key duplication exclusive to the dealership. The market for electronic tools to copy transponder keys or add them to the board computer is sizeable. Transponder technology is always moving.


We offer specialist training modules concerning the electronic elements of the vehicle. More information can be given after accreditation. Mail [email protected] or call 020 2602442 for more information.