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Safe opening

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Non-destructive opening, ‘no cure, no pay’ and your safe in use again. That is what we offer at Intact safe opening service. Intact works non-destructively if possible and is available 24/7 at +31 20 2602456 or [email protected].

The name ‘Intact’ says it all: We do everything we can to ensure access to the safe without damaging anything. There are numerous scenarios in which a safe remains locked. The key can be lost or damaged, or it can be broken off or stuck in the lock.

Non-destructive safe opening

We offer a specialized service for opening safes. Whether it’s a floor safe, wall safe, hardware store safe, antique safe or heavily certified safe, our services are on offer. We’re available nationwide (or even internationally) for consumers, businesses and government institutions. Call +31 20 2602456 for information or a price assessment.

Before we start with the safe opening, we seal the safe door in the presence of the owner. We’re purely interested in opening the lock and will never open the door ourselves. It’ll be the client who eventually opens the door. This counts double for safes from inheritances, for example. The seal is only broken when all interested parties are present.

Safe is functional again

The main benefit of a non-destructive opening approach is that the door and lock remain intact. After opening, we can make additional keys for the existing lock, or replace the lock entirely. When our work is complete, the safe will be functional as new with the new keys.

Proper equipment

We make use of high-quality equipment to non-destructively ‘pick’ the safe lock. Each brand and type of safe lock calls for a slightly different tool, and depending on the type of lock it’s even possible to decode a safe lock. Decoding a lock is essentially learning what the key is meant to look like, and producing a fitting key accordingly. Intact Locksmithing applies a number of these decoders for common safe locks in the Netherlands.


We go to far lengths to open safes non-destructively. However, there are situations where we’ll be forced to open a safe with light damage. If the safe is already defective, for example, picking the lock will have no effect. Consider a botched attempt at a break-in, poor maintenance or plain bad luck. This means that sometimes we’ll have to drill a small hole to open the safe. This hole can often be repaired, meaning the safe becomes functional again.


We offer a price assessment before starting and work with a ‘no cure, no pay’ standard. You will know exactly what the job will cost and only pay after the fact.

The costs of opening depend greatly on the brand and type of safe, the distance and the valuation of the safe. An average price can’t be given, but our services start at €225. In some cases, the price can be adjusted if there’s no hurry. In such a case, we can plan it in whenever we’re already in the region. Call +31 20 2602456 or mail [email protected] for information or a price assessment.

Know who’s coming

The client’s privacy is a concern of ours. Our vehicles aren’t marked with ‘safe opening’ so the whole neighborhood knows there’s a safe in the building. Additionally, we never open the safe door, only the lock. This is left to the client. We’re partnered with the Dutch locksmiths’ guild NSSG and are in possession of a VOG (statement of conduct).

Intact safe opening is part of Wels Security Solutions. This company provides training for locksmiths and safe specialists. Intact safe opening was founded to keep our opening skills sharp. Solving issues for the client, along with the included time pressure, is the best way to learn. Our background in training gives us access to diverse techniques and safe opening tools. Along with this, we have a large network of reliable colleagues (each with their own expertise) to fall back on. Call 020 2602456 or mail [email protected] for information or a price assessment.