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Clean safe opening, price assessment beforehand and reliable locksmith guild member. This is what we offer at Intact safe opening service. Intact opens safes non-destructively whenever possible and is available 24 hours a day at +31 20 2602456 or through [email protected]

Non-destructive opening with lost code

The loss of a safe combination or code can lead to big problems. The safe won’t open, often with very poor timing. Fortunately, most combination locks can be opened through the so-called ‘manipulation method’. By using clues like sound and sensations, a safe specialist can decipher the code. The safe effectively tells the specialist its combination. Manipulating combination locks is one of our specialties.

Safe operable again after using robot

When manipulation proves difficult, we can use the Q3 Robot Dialer to open combination locks. This machine simply turns every possible combination until the safe opens. On average, it takes ten hours to open a three-disc combination lock. A four wheel version can easily take several weeks to open. This makes a combination of manual manipulation alongside use of the robot necessary to open a four wheel safe, with the result being a perfectly functional safe with a new code afterwards.

Electronic combination lock

We’re seeing an increase in electronic safe locks on the market. Locks with a keypad offer a high grade of comfort in their use. No more spinning the numbered dial, simply typing the code into the pad does the trick.

These locks can be opened non-destructively all the same, however. We have access to specialized equipment to open certain commonplace certified electronic safe locks. With this equipment, it’s also possible to diagnose issues in case of malfunction or defect. After this, a new code can be set and the safe functions as before.

Opening with damage? 

We go to great lengths to open combination locks non-destructively. Even then, there are scenarios where we need to inflict damage during the opening. An example of that would be one where the client needs the contents of the safe as soon as possible. In addition, if a safe is defective, manipulation is pointless. Plain bad luck, a botched attempt at a break-in or poor maintenance are reasons that can make drilling a small hole the only option. Usually, this hole can be repaired, making the safe operational again.

Price assessment beforehand

We always offer an all-in price on a basis of ‘no cure, no pay’. This means you only pay once the job is done and the safe is open. 

Unfortunately, we have no standard rate for safe openings. Every safe is different, and factors such as distance, valuation and the degree of haste involved can influence the price. Though we can’t give an average price, our starting rate is €225. If there’s no haste involved, the price can sometimes be altered. 


Opening safes is a delicate business. If the neighborhood becomes aware there’s a safe in a certain building, this can lead to issues. With us, privacy of the client is a main concern. None of our vehicles show any indication of our profession. We’re not here to see the contents of the safe, either: we only ever open the safe lock, the door remains sealed until the client opens it themselves.

Intact safe opening is part of Wels Security Solutions. This company provides training for locksmiths and safe technicians. Intact safe opening was founded to keep field practice. Opening a completely unknown safe, along with the included time pressure, is the best way to learn and stay in touch with the field. Our background in training gives us access to various techniques and safe opening tools. Along with this, we have a large network of reliable colleagues (each with their own expertise) to fall back on. Call +31 20 2602456 or mail [email protected] for information or a price assessment.