Unlock the safe, don’t open the door

All work we do is interesting, but safes and safe opening is something we are passionate about. And lately we find ourselves opening a lot of safes for people in need in the Netherlands.

It is our company policy to never open the door to a safe. We will unlock the safe for the customer, but only the customer will actually open the door. Often we will wait outside the room while the customer removes the content of the safe. When the safe is empty we can service it and by setting a new combination or replace the lock(s).

We are never interested what is inside your safe. It is just not our business. And sometimes we are very happy to leave the room before the door is opened. Like on one of our latest jobs, carefully opening a safe containing radio-active material.

In this case the combination to the safe was unknown. For years two pieces of tape kept the combination lock in the unlocked position. Until Murphy’s law kicked in and someone decided to break the tape and turn the dial. Resulting in a lockout and finding out nobody alive knows the code.

Opening the safe was an interesting job and took some skill to do it right. The result is that the safe is back in use and the customer now has a working code and can actually lock it. Things like this keep it interesting.

safe containing radio active material