When locks speak

You might know by now that WSS exists to open locks with no damage, or as little damage as possible. Whether picking or manipulating, we like to say that locks are talking to us, telling us how they would like to be opened. As you can imagine, we are used to listening carefully to what locks have to say.

Unfortunately our customers sometimes do not get the subtle or less subtle clues the lock is giving them. Like the owner of this nice CHUBB LIPS safe. The customer was having trouble with the keypad for some time. It was getting harder and harder entering the correct code. Until the moment it was no longer possible to enter the code.

When we arrived we opened the safe and discovered the keypad cable was the problem. There was a lot of stress on the cable and over time it got more and more damaged. Finally one internal wire in the cable broke, causing the signals from the keypad never reaching the lock inside the safe.

We still found a way to open it without damage to the safe. After installing some new components the safe is as good as new and ready for many years of use.